Welcome to Zoë, a twenty-five minute microscopic epic about a baby's conception and her protection in the womb by an unlikely agent against a malevolent virus. Using cutting edge computer graphics, this short film will reveal a breathtaking glimpse into the awesome majesty of life at its smallest.

Robert Nathan Garlington

Robert Garlington is an award winning director, writer and animator whose fourteen years of experience in film and television, has given him a unique insight into every aspect of production from conception to completion. For the past several years Robert has thrived in the field of biomedical animation which has given him a diverse skill-set for artistically visualizing anatomy and the complex microscopic universe of cellular biology. With a strong leadership style and a passion for storytelling, Robert's mission is to ensure that he always creates media that will inspire and uplift others.

Peter Byon, JD-MBA

An award-winning executive producer, screenwriter and a proud father of five, Peter is equally at home with a spreadsheet or a script. His greatest passion is to identify and bring out the best in those around him to create truly inspiring, commercially successful productions of the highest standards.

Gavin Ball

Gavin Ball is an accomplished visual development artist, illustrator, character designer and animator. His art has been published in magazines, graphic novels and highly publicized posters commemorating famous figures for Black History Month. Gavin's infectious enthusiasm and immense talent command a great respect from his teammates and always fosters a positive environment of creative collaboration.

Uly Esguerra

With twelve years of experience in animation production, Uly is an all-in-one wonder whose outstanding work in both traditional and 3d animation continually shows his talent and innovative creativity. In addition to his proven abilities as an animation lead, his diverse skill set also includes story-boarding, character designing, layout, clean-up and 3d modeling.